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Quiet Cool – Revolutionizing Home Comfort

Looking for a way to keep your home cool in the upcoming summer heat? If you are looking for cheaper alternative than blasting an AC system all day and watching your electric bill skyrocket, it might be time to look into a Quiet Cool Whole House fan.

The way Quiet Cool Whole House fans work is quite simple. Flip a switch and the fans begin to suck up hot, stale air in your house and release it out through the attic vents. Your home is replaced by cool, fresh air that is taken in through open windows leaving your home feeling cool and a lot more comfortable.

       quietcoolLogonew copy

So what benefits do Quiet Cool fans provide besides keeping you cool? What makes them stand out amongst other whole house fans competitors?

These fans are incredibly easy to install and require no maintenance whatsoever! They can be installed almost anywhere because the entire machine hangs in the attic. The only part visible in the room will be a ceiling diffuser.

 Different models to best fit your home and comfort needs



     Stealth Line    


    Quiet Giant    

Quiet Cool fans live up to their name. They do their job of keeping your home cool while staying incredibly quiet. So quiet in fact, that they can be running at night and not bother you while you sleep.

No need to worry about your utility bill cost since Quiet Cool fans are some of the most energy efficient fans on the market, way more energy efficient than air conditioners. In some cases, installing a Quiet Cool whole house fan can cut your AC cost by 50%-90%! With the rising cost of electricity usage, investing in these fans will ultimately pay for themselves in a short time and you will find yourself with more money in your pocket. They are also backed by a 15-year warranty on the Stealth models.  Unmatched by any other competitor!

To learn more about Quiet Cool whole house fans contact us Advanced Comfort Solutions. We will set you up with the right fan for your home and have it installed by our highly qualified technicians. Give us a call (855) 238-2663 or visit our website at 

Hurry summer is almost here!

More information on whole house fans can be found here.

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Home Improvement Projects that Pay Off

Interested in starting some home improvements projects around your home?  Although changing your kitchens countertops or cabinets would make your kitchen look more attractive, wouldn’t it be nice to invest in home improvement projects that can not only improve your homes comfort level but help lower your utility bills? Doesn’t that sound like a much better investment?

Energy Upgrade California is a state program that aims to improve the energy usage of your home and rewards you with incentives of up to $4,500 in doing so. The amount you receive back is correlated to the program level you choose to follow.

The Basic Upgrade Package requires you to choose from Air Sealing, Attic Insulation, Duct Sealing as well as others. This package improves energy efficiency by 10% and earns you up to $1,000 back.

The Advanced Upgrade Package can earn you a rebate of up to $4,500 back and improves energy efficiency by 45%. This package includes upgrades from the Basic Upgrade Package as well as at least one of the following:  Wall insulation, Heating and cooling equipment, Radiant barriers, Energy-efficient windows and Cool roofs.

Whichever package you decide to go along with, you will need to work with a qualified EUC contractor to receive  the incentives. Advanced Comfort Solutions is a participating contractor in the Energy Upgrade California program. We are highly qualified to upgrade your home to both the Basic and Advanced Upgrade Package. Give us a call at (855) 238-2663 or visit our website for more information so we can start working together to improve your home and save you money.

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Carrier 360 Whole Home Energy Audit

Carrier 360 in a six-step energy audit conducted by Carrier Energy Experts whose goal is to improve the overall energy efficiency of you home and ultimately lower your utility bills. They check everything from your heating and cooling equipment, water heater, ductwork, and insulation, as well as checking for gas leaks. They conduct state-of-the-art test such as using a thermal imaging camera to inspect your insulation between your walls and the blower door test that determines air leaks in your home. After the inspection and testing of your home they analyze the data collected and recommend and any changes that can help lower your energy bills.

Watch the video below to learn more


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Save money with these Winter Tips

It appears that all those Southern Californians who wished for the cold, winter weather a few months ago have seen their wishes come true. The pass couple of weeks the southland has experienced some very cold weather making some of us regret wishing for it in the first place. The cold weather means your heater has been working actively to help keep your home at a warm, comfortable temperature. To avoid seeing your utility bill skyrocket this winter season, your friends at Advanced Comfort Solutions offer these winter energy saving tips to save you some money:

  • Keep your curtains open during the day to allow sunlight to naturally heat your home.
  • Keep your thermostat as low as is comfortable.
  • Ensure your furnace filter is being replaced accordingly, usually about once a month.
  • Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms.
  • Take shorter hot showers.
  • Set your programmable thermostat at a lower temperature when you’re not home and have it come back to a higher temperature when you return.
  • Upgrade to ENERGY STAR  certified appliances and electronics.
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The Benefits of Air Purifiers

The Benefits of Air Purifiers

The quality of the air you breathe is highly important to the overall health of you and your family. One of the main ways germs and allergens spread is through air travel which makes having cleaner air in your home important to stop the spread of these harmful contaminants. Installing an air purifier, such as Carriers Infinity Air Purifier, has many healthy advantages for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. They capture and kill dust, pollen, mold spores that can be floating in the air your breathe in your own home.

Carrier air

If there are small children in your home air purifiers are highly recommend. Children’s immune systems are still in development and aren’t as strong as adults. Exposing them to contaminated air can result in more illnesses to the child and future health problems as adults; for example, if secondhand smoke is present in the home it can cause young children to develop asthma. Air purifiers remove smoke particles from the air and make it healthier for everyone in the household to breathe.

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The EPIPE® System of Pipe Restoration

The ePIPE® system is based n the “in-place” pipe restoration technology.

We restore pipes right within the walls, or under the slab, without tearing them out!

This proven patented technology has been used by leading hotel brands, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Department of Defense, Governments of Spain, and thousands of building owners.

ePIPE® restored pipes are protected from corrosion, pitting, and scaling.

Pipes will no longer leach lead or copper contaminants.

Your water stays clean and safe to drink.

The ePIPE® epoxy that is used, is approved by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) and has the approval of the Uniformed Plumbing Code (UPC).

Dymek’s Freedom Plumbing, Inc. is a licensed franchisee for Single Line Epipe Restoration. Call us today if you suspect you have a slab leak. Through our Electronic Leak Detection Process, we can determine if you have a slab leak and suggest the most cost effective method of repair. Call us today at 1-888-372-4672.

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“The nicest carpet in the world ” by Beaulieu of America

Here at Advanced Comfort Solutions we strive to help improve the comfort of your home in all of its aspects. This weeks blog post comes from our friends at MAC Flooring, experts in residential and commercial flooring.

The newest technology in carpet stain protection and odor neutralization is here! Beaulieu of America, a leader in floor covering, has released its newest Bliss line to the market.  With the “designer approved” modern style and color collection, along with its Everclean Scotchguard Protection and Magic Fresh Technology, this product is flying off our shelves.  It is the best we have seen at such an affordable price point for our customers.

The effectiveness of Magic Fresh is best understood by comparing it to the way baking soda neutralizes odors in your refrigerator.  Beaulieu uses proprietary and exclusive materials applied to the carpet fibers during the manufacturing process to give the carpet its Magic Fresh capabilities. When unpleasant odors come in contact with the carpet fibers, the Magic Fresh application neutralizes the offending odors and releases them as harmless carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air.

Contact us for a personal consultation and demonstration of the truly “Magic” qualities of this carpet line.

-Kristin Topping

 MAC Flooring

 72 Argonaut, Suite 120

 Aliso Viejo, Ca 92656

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The Importance of a Home Energy Assessment

Getting a home energy assessment is the first step towards reducing your monthly gas and electric bill.  We assess and model it looking at all of your major systems.  Tests are run to determine how well those systems work with the other parts of the house, how safe and efficient your gas burning heating and cooking systems are, how much of the air that is heated or cooled is getting to your rooms, how much is leaking to the outside and how efficient your lighting system is.

Combustion Safety Testing
The safety you and your family, as well as our field technicians while in your home is important to us.  Field technicians wear personal carbon monoxide alarm which will automatically activate if there are harmful levels of carbon monoxide present in the home. We’ll also run a number of diagnostic tests aimed at answering questions such as: How safe are you and your family when your natural gas-burning appliances (water heater, furnace, and cooking stove) are being used?  Are there leaking natural gas lines?  Are the appliances not burning efficiently and therefore releasing harmful levels of carbon monoxide gas?  Are these appliances getting the amount of air that they need in order to operate properly?

Air Leakage Testing
You pay for the energy used to heat or cool the air in your home.  Allowing that heated or cooled air to escape is like throwing your money away.  We all know not to leave a window or door open when running the air conditioner or furnace because it is like trying to heat or cool the entire outdoors.  It’s an impossible task.  But that’s exactly what we’re doing when we have a house that leaks.  Sealing a house for air tightness is an important step in improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Attic and Insulation Inspection
We will go into the attic or crawlspace to inspect your insulation.  We look for insulation that is not properly installed, has gaps, has dark areas indicating air movement (leakage), evidence of “critters” nesting in the attic, and evidence of water damage in the attic.  The amount of insulation is important, but just as important is the quality of the installation.  We will identify opportunities for cost-effective upgrades if needed. And of course, if located in attic or crawlspace, we’ll inspect the furnace system and duct work.

Appliance Efficiency and Light Bulb Options
During the assessment will look at the major electricity consuming appliances in your kitchen – refrigerator, dishwasher – to see if they have the ENERGY STAR® logo.  If they do not, we will include a recommendation to upgrade the appliance in the final report.  Upgrading older appliances to more efficient ones can result in energy cost savings.

Energy Usage Model and Final Report
From all of the data collected during the assessment we will build a computer model that simulates energy use within the home in its current state.   We will then prepare a report that speaks to the significant findings of the assessment, provides pictures of representative examples of energy wasting elements within the home, and make recommendations as to the most cost–effective measures to improve your home’s energy efficiency and save money. $$$

~ Frank Safranek
HERS Energy Compliance Rater
BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional
BPI Multi-Family Building Analyst

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Want to save money on your utility bill?

The recent Southern California heat wave saw some cities hit triple digit temperature. While many Californians flocked to the crowded beaches and swimming pools, many of us decided to ride out the heat wave at home with our air conditioning system blasting cold air and keeping us comfortable. Of course, the downside of doing this is the amount of power being used to keep your home at a relaxed temperature. Here are some energy saving tips that can help your utility bill from skyrocketing out of control.

  1. Install a programmable thermostat and set at 78 degrees
  2. Replace standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent
  3. Replace single phase pool pumps with variable pool pumps
  4. Evaluate solar photovoltaic for your primary electricity source
  5. Evaluate solar thermal for your pool system
  6. Replace appliances that are over 7 years old with energy star appliances
  7. Check for leaks in ducts and windows and doors
  8. Increase insulation where needed
  9. Replace tank water heaters with tankless water heater system

Interested in saving more money? Of course you are, so why not follow us on twitter @advcomfort for more energy saving tips and information.

Or have Advanced Comfort Solutions perform an energy audit of your home or business building to truly make it more energy efficient and cost affective. Visit us at

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