Posted by: advancedcomfortsolutions | July 30, 2015

Energy Saving Tips

Summer and fall can be very expensive seasons for your electric bill. Using your air-condition system to keep cool during the hot days of summer and fall can make your electric bill rise. But don’t worry there are ways that you can reduce your electric bill and still keep your family and house cool during the hot days of summer and fall. We are going to provide you some tips that would help you reduce your electric bill.

For starters, installing a QuietCool Whole House Fan System will allow you to slash your A/C cooling system costs by 50 – 90%, while you experience a 10-degree cooling. QuietCool Whole House Fans saves money by reducing the utility costs; it cools the house while increasing energy savings. Installing a QuietCool Whole House Fan System could be an excellent option to reduce your electric bill for many summers while keeping your house and family cool during hot days.

Here are additional tips (that were previously provided in other blog entries) that can help you reduce your electric bill:

  • AC Tune Up – This might be the most important tip on the list. A properly maintained AC ensures that your system is running efficiently and can prevent your system from breaking down in the middle of a heat wave.
  • Change air filters – here is another maintenance tip that is often overlooked and is probably crucial in ensuring your systems proper performance. It’s also the easiest thing that you can do without the help of HVAC technician.
  • Open your windows – Makes sense right? Crack open the windows at night to help cool your home by releasing the heat that can build up during the day. Easy, simple tip.
  • Use Fans – Don’t just rely on the energy hungry A/C! According to Southern California Edison (SCE), using fans can save you up to $200 in 6 months. Consider installing a ceiling fan in rooms with ceilings at least 8 feet high to circulate cool air around the room. Portable fan are also a good idea. They are energy efficient and can be moved around your home to where they are needed.

Using fans can help you keep you thermostat higher, you might find yourself using your A/C much less or not at all. Just remember to turn off fans when you leave the room, because keeping them on will not cool down the room.As summer begins, which is one of the season’s air conditioning (A/C) is most often used to keep the house cool during hot days. Summer is also the season where your electric bill goes up because of the heavy use your A/C gets. However, in our website we provide some tips that would help reduce your electric bill during the hot summer days. Here are some of the tips that we provided:

  • Perform regular maintenance on your central air conditioner and change out your A/C filters.
  • When leaving your home make sure to turn off your system.
  • Schedule a Checkup with one of our technicians to ensure your system is running at peak efficiency.
  • Set the thermostat to 78 degrees or as high as comfortably possible.
  • Using ceiling or room fans instead of central air conditioning can save you up to 90% on your cooling cost.

Click here to read more. Also for offers and promotions for installing a new air conditioning system or maintenance for your current system click here.

On our website we also provides tips to help you reduced your electric bill during the not as hot days of fall. When summer ends it doesn’t mean that hot days are over, here in California hot days can last longer than in other areas of the country. That’s why you need to be preparing so that the electric bill does not surprise you. Here are some good tips to follow so that you don’t get a surprise in your electric bill during fall:

  • Clean or replace furnace filters 2 – 3 times a year. Ignoring to replace filters is the #1 cause systems breakdown resulting in expensive repairs.
  • Have your attic checked for proper insulation.
  • Don’t block vents, registers or ducts.
  • Keep windows and doors closed to improve heat loss.
  • Keep fallen leaves, grass clippings, foliage and other dirt and debris away from outdoor unit.
  • Have an Advanced Comfort Solutions technician perform a tune up on your system to keep it running efficiently and save you money over the long run.

Another way to save money this summer is by installing a new air-conditioning system, and Southern California Edison (SCE) Quality installation program can help you – eligible installations qualify for $750 in rebate amounts ( More efficiency means more savings, by installing a new A/C you won’t only save money by having a more energy efficiency system, you can also save money with the SCE Quality Installation Program. With the Quality Installation Program, you can lower your electric bill, improve the air quality in your home, and make sure your A/C is in top working order. Did you know that 70% of air-conditioned homes have A/C units that exceed the home’s cooling needs? A unit too large for your home costs more to run and uses more electricity. Plus, incorrect sizing or installation puts undue stress on components and shortens equipment life.

Simply replacing your old system may not save as much energy as you expected. That’s why SCE offers the Quality Installation Program. When it’s time for a new A/C system, this program makes sure your new air conditioner is sized properly for your home, and ensures its installation follows guidelines set by ENERGY STAR®—saving you the most energy and money. Southern California Edison (SCE) knows that summer and winter can be very expensive seasons for your electric bill and that’s why they offer the Quality Installation Program. The QI as they call it, helps homeowners to install a new AC or HP that will also help reduce your electric bill by not just installing a new AC or HP but by also installing a energy efficient AC or HP system that would help you reduce your electric bill.

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