Posted by: advancedcomfortsolutions | July 15, 2014

The Summer Heat is Here! Avoid Getting Burned by High Utility Bills with these Maintenance Tips!

In case the hot weather isn’t a big of enough clue, it is now officially summer! And like every year, many Southern Californians decide to cool off by heading down to the beach or pool and enjoy the sun. But there might be days when you want to escape the heat all together and just relax in the comfort of your air conditioned home. But as you may already know, running the AC system during these hot summer days can cost you. We at Advanced Comfort Solutions want to help you keep your home comfortable while still managing to save you money this summer. Here are some summer home maintenance tips:

AC Tune Up– This might be the most important tip on the list. A properly maintained AC ensures that your system is running efficiently and can prevent your system from breaking down in the middle of a heat wave.

Having a tune up done on your AC system could also save you money! The tune up ensures the system is running at its peak efficiency so the system is not working harder than it needs to cool your home. The harder it works the more energy it uses, the more energy it uses, the higher your electricity bill will be. Just because the heat is rising outside doesn’t mean your utility bills need to as well.  

Change air filters-Here is another maintenance tip that is often overlooked and is probably crucial in ensuring your systems proper performance. It’s also the easiest thing that you can do without the help of a HVAC technician.


So how often should you change the filter? We recommend checking what the manufacture of your system recommends. Typically air filters should be replaced once every 3 to 5 months. If you’re a daily user of AC its recommend you change that filter out every month to ensure cleaner air quality.

Whole House Fans–  The best way to reduce your air conditioning bill by up to 90% it to have us tell you about whole house fan systems. This is a great way to bring in cool, fresh outdoor air to your home. To read more about Whole House Fans click here.


Inspect your roof- Check your roof for any problems that can cause a bigger problem such as leaks.

Check your windows- Make sure to check the window sealants to ensure the summer heat stays outside and keep the cool air inside. Caulk any open areas.

Check your ducts for leaks– What is the point of having an AC system is the air can’t reach your home to cool it? Ducts are what transfer the conditioned air to your home. Leaks in the ducts prevent some of this air from reaching your home, which results in higher utility bills and comfort issues.

Check your detectors– For obvious safety reasons, make sure to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

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