Posted by: advancedcomfortsolutions | July 19, 2013

Nest-The Thermostat of the Future

In this blogpost we just wanted to share with you the cool high-tech “Nest” thermostat

Have you ever left your home only to realize you left the AC or heater running? This may happen a lot more than you want but what can you do? Turn back home and turn it off? Or do you just let it run for while your away, using up more unnecessary  energy and wasting money away on high utility bills. What if you’re away on vacation for a week?

That’s where the Nest Thermostat would come in handy. This high tech thermostat allows you to control your system straight from your smartphone, laptop and tablet, whether you are running errands or out of town on vacation.


But the Nest does much more than the ability to control your thermostat while you are away. One of the most impressive features from this device is the ability to  learn and adjust to how you use your AC and heater. It learns when you lower or raise the temperature and has the ability to sense when the house is empty and automatically adjusts the temperature to avoid cooling and or heating an empty home. If you program the Nest well during the first week after installation and it could cut up to 20% off your utility bill.

This easy to install Nest has some other cool features including reminders to change air filters according to how often you use your AC or heater. The Auto-Tune feature finds ways to lower your energy bill while still keeping you comfortable. It also has the capability to track how much money and energy the nest has helped you save.


What do you think? Would you install the Nest in your home?

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