Posted by: advancedcomfortsolutions | August 21, 2012

Want to save money on your utility bill?

The recent Southern California heat wave saw some cities hit triple digit temperature. While many Californians flocked to the crowded beaches and swimming pools, many of us decided to ride out the heat wave at home with our air conditioning system blasting cold air and keeping us comfortable. Of course, the downside of doing this is the amount of power being used to keep your home at a relaxed temperature. Here are some energy saving tips that can help your utility bill from skyrocketing out of control.

  1. Install a programmable thermostat and set at 78 degrees
  2. Replace standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent
  3. Replace single phase pool pumps with variable pool pumps
  4. Evaluate solar photovoltaic for your primary electricity source
  5. Evaluate solar thermal for your pool system
  6. Replace appliances that are over 7 years old with energy star appliances
  7. Check for leaks in ducts and windows and doors
  8. Increase insulation where needed
  9. Replace tank water heaters with tankless water heater system

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